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NBA 14/05/2014, 14.03 Comments 3 Video

Gilbert Arenas wants to play again in NBA, works out with special training mask

Agent Zero wants another chance in the NBA


Gilbert Arenas wants to return to the NBA after two years of absence.


Agent Zero is working hard to make his dream to come true.


Arenas posted two Instagram videos while he works out using a special training mask.


“Too be a beast you have to work like one...using my training mask so it's harder to breathe..”





A little rusty but who said a comeback was gonna be easy?!?



E. Carchia

E. Carchia

Sportando Pro
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  • chauser
    Image 5863
    chauser 14/05/2014, 21.02

    chi รจ il cattivo di batman?

  • lorenzopia
    Image 658
    lorenzopia 14/05/2014, 18.13 Mobile
    Quote ( kobewho 14/05/2014 @ 15:36 )

    Talento cristallino

    Sostenuto da mezzo neurone

  • kobewho
    Image 77
    kobewho 14/05/2014, 15.36 Mobile

    Talento cristallino