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NBA 20/04/2014, 11.46 Comments 2 Video

Pero Antic and David West get nose-to-nose

Antic doesn't step back in front of West


Pero Antic, at his first game in the NBA playoffs, did not step back when David West of the Pacers had something to tell him.


The two players got nose-to-nose during Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs between Hawks and Pacers.



E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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  • hoopshype
    Image 1
    hoopshype 20/04/2014, 18.59

    You got that wrong Alan, we are fearless and strong! We rule from the top!

  • alandemolitionman
    Image 860
    alandemolitionman 20/04/2014, 14.33

    Eh caro West, hai beccato l'unico bianco che non ha paura degli afro, il Tagliagole Macedone