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SBM Game 06/03/2015, 20.47 Comments 2

Questions and curiosity

To remove any doubts about the game

Do you have any doubt? Do you want to improve your ability to virtual coaches? Write here!
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06/03/2015, 21:24 65 Comments

Game Bug and errors

Problems or malfunctions with the game? Let us know and we will help you to solve

06/03/2015, 20:51 131 Comments

SBM Database

Noticed something strange? Write here and we will get to work!

06/03/2015, 20:30 6 Comments

SBM Wishlist

Tips and suggestions for future versions

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    mare275 21/12/2016, 17.12

    How to sign free agents

    tell me step by step

  • Image 1
    Alexandre 28/04/2015, 16.05

    Firt of all many thanks for your game
    I had many question regarding tactics :
    1. Is there an updated manual somehere which can explain the "advanced tactics" menu which a bit unclear to ?

    2. During one game I observed many times that keeping his players with a good level of stamina do not seem to a real advatage ? Am I wrong

    Thanks for your answers or comments