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NBA 05/12/2012, 10.52 Comments 0 Rumors

Andrea Bargnani: 'As a team we are in a bad situation'

Il Mago parla dopo la sconfitta contro Denver


Andrea Bargnani talked to La Gazzetta dello Sport after Raptors' loss against the Denver Nuggets. Il Mago scored 23 points.

"This is a strange season for me with too many ups and downs. One night I score 34 points, then just 4, then 21, again 4 and last game 23. It sounds like a joke. When things go wrong, also occurs a psychological component, but cannot be a justification. The stimuli must be found as well in the worst situations. We are playing badly and when all the team plays a bad basketball, even you, as a player, are affected. Rumors on me being traded? I have heard them. It is clear that when you play bad, the first thing you think is to shop your best player. The situation as a team is bad. After all the expectations last summer, the result is that we keep losing. We missed the playoffs the last four years and we have the second worst record in the NBA after the Wizards. Last season, despite the losses, we had a defensive identity. We won the match through the defense. This season we don't even have this. We alternate good performances with other games in which we concede a lot of points to out opponents. Honestly, I do not know the reason. We have new players, almost the entire starting five changed. We changed the key roles as the point guard and the center. But we are only at the beginning of the season. We still have time to correct this negative trend".

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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