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NBA 01/11/2012, 10.27 Comments 0 Rumors

Sidigas Avellino to waive Dwight Hardy?

Il visto dal consolato italiano non è stato rilasciato perchè il luogo di nascita sul passaporto americano indica New York mentre sul passaporto congolese c'è scritto Brazzeville


Dwight Hardy is still under contract with Sidigas Avellino but he had not the chance to make his debut with the Italian team.
The American player got the Congolese passport in the summer who would allow him to play as Cotonou in Italy but the Italian consulate in Brazzeville did not release him the working visa.
Il Mattino reports this morning that on Hardy's American passport the birthplace is New York while on his Congolese one, the birthplace is Brazzeville (Congolese capital).
This is the main reason why the Italian consulate did not allow him to work in Italy as African.

The problem is far to be solved and Avellino might waive Dwight Hardy instead of Chris Warren who is struggling with some injuries in this first part of the season. 

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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