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NBA 20/09/2012, 09.34 Comments 0 Rumors

Tony Parker: 'Chace Stanback? He is null'

Parker parla del suo ASVEL


In an interview with Le Progres, Tony Parker confirmed that he is still involved with ASVEL Villeurbanne. The PG of the Spurs strongly criticized the signing of Chace Stanback, a newcomer in Villeurbanne.
"He is null. He is not the player we had thought. We have a genius as scout. I don't want to criticize Bob Sudre, ma when you watch players, there are more that are better then him. Personally I told him: 'Who is that guy?'" said Parker who confirmed that Stanback is still in the roster of ASVEL.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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