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NBA 03/09/2012, 09.51 Comments 0 Rumors

Claudio Sabatini: 'We are negotiating with Uros Trikpkovic'

Sabatini parla anche di Fernandez e di Imbrò


Claudio Sabatini in an interview to Il Resto del Carlino said that Virtus Bologna is talking with Uros Tripkovic.

"I am talking with Uros Tripkovic trying to find an agreement. Our goal is to have a tryout period with him. He missed the entire season 2011-12 and we don't want to risk a new McIntyre case" said Sabatini who talked also on Imbrò and Moraschini. "Imbrò is  great prospect and he is practicing with the team. I am waiting for Carlton Myers '(his agent) phone call so I will know which team is interested in him. For sure he won't go to Biancoblù Bologna. Juan Fernandez? The final decision will be made on Wednesday" added Sabatini.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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