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NBA 02/07/2012, 11.11 Comments 0 Rumors

Carlos Arroyo: 'I have offers from Galatasaray and Besiktas'

Il giocatore ancora non ha deciso il suo futuro


Carlos Arroyo spent the season in Turkey with Besiktas winning both Eurochallenge and TBL. The Puerto Rican PG hasn't decided yet his future. His priority is the NBA because he can be with his family who lives in Miami. But if he won't get a contract in the NBA, he will return to Turkey.

"I have not decided my future yet. In Turkey I have some important proposals but on the other hand my family lives in Miami. I have to ponder my final decision" said Arroyo. "I had a great season in Turkey but I was most of the time without my family. I have to weigh all my options. I have a very good offer from Galatasaray and one from Besiktas. If I don't return to the NBA, I will be back to Turkey. The problem is that Besiktas lost its main sponsor Milangaz and didn't find a new one yet. And now coach Ergin Ataman moved to Galatasaray and he wants with him the core players of Besiktas of the season 2011-12. I think that in the next two weeks I will know where I am going to play next season" said Arroyo to Primera Hora.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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