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NBA 22/06/2012, 22.13 Comments 0 Rumors

Maccabi Tel Aviv, chaos with Yogev Ohayon

Il giocatore israeliano è volato a Kuban per fare le visite mediche ma il Maccabi lo ha subito stoppato

As reported by Walla, today Yogev Ohayon went to Russia and haf medical tests with Lokomotiv Kuban. The Israeli PG, one of the most surprising players in the Euroleague 2011-12, flew back to the United States after the tests. Maccabi Tel Aviv wrote later a post on Facebook saying that they were surprised by the news considering that Ohayon has a valid contract with them and never asked to leave the team. The truth is that Ohayon can leave Maccabi Tel Aviv paying a buyout by the already fixed date. Ohayon is not allowed to sign for any other team before buying out his agreement with MTA (around 200.000USD). Ohayon has also an offer from Malaga but it is unlikely his departure for Spain.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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