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NBA 07/06/2012, 17.06 Comments 0 Rumors

L.A. hosts Brandon Roy

Il giocatore sembra vicino al ritorno, come rivelato in esclusiva a Sportando


RoyWill Brandon Roy make his NBA comeback as a Laker? While the question of Roy possibly teaming up with Kobe Bryant remains unanswered, Sportando reveals that during the last few days, Roy was indeed – L.A. bound.

Sources close to the player confirmed, "Brandon (Roy) landed in Los Angeles on Monday and is scheduled to leave on Friday."

During his stay in L.A. it is unknown whether or not Roy met with the Lakers' coaching or medical staff, however, he is currently undergoing a series of private medical procedures on his knees.  "Tuesday was the first of a series of treatment Roy's going through. He's doing something similar to the treatment Kobe Bryant had on his right knee. It can only help," added the source.

Those who've recently seen and played Roy are convinced he's a much better player then he was in the past (which is kind of scary). Recent rumors circulating around the United States are indicating that the Lakers showed interest in the Former 2007 Rookie of the Year.

That said, "Roy is positively thinking about coming back next season. We like L.A. a lot. Growing up, the Lakers were Brandon's favorite team."

The Dallas Mavericks were also mentioned as a potential destination for Roy.  


E. Carchia

E. Carchia

Sportando Pro
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