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NBA 22/05/2012, 18.19 Comments 0 Rumors

Marco Belinelli: 'NBA is my priority next summer'

La guardia italiana ospite di Gazzetta TV


Marco Belinelli, at, talked about his future and his commitment to the Italian National Team. The Italian guard said that he wants to decide his future before trying to join Italian National Team next summer. Belinelli will be unrestricted free agent and he expects an offer from the Hornets.

"We have just finished a complicated season but very important for me because I will be free agent from July. It was also a weird season. We decided to stay in New Orleans. Then the team signed a shooting guard as Eric Gordon. He got injured but I had again but I had to gain the confidence of the coaching staff. I don't know what will happen in the summer. I am without any answer. I expect New Orleans to make an offer to me but I am sure that other teams will try to sign me. I don't know which team because the playoffs are still on and also the draft will be important with good names I am confident that my future will be again in the NBA. My dream is to bring a title to Italy and my town San Giovanni in Persiceto. It would be ok for me to play less minutes but for a contender. Italian National Team? I don't know yet. I just returned from the States and I didn't talk with anyone from the Federation. As I said, the NBA comes before everything this summer. Then, after I will sign a new contract, I am going to decide whether to play or not for the National Team. NBA Playoffs? I say San Antonio Spurs. Last season, two months before the end of the year, I picked Dallas and they won. This year I think the Spurs are going to win. Ginobili and Parker are having a terrific season while Tim Duncan looks ten years younger. And from the bench they have talented players as Boris Diaw and Jackson. Monty Williams? I cannot hide that he is an important coach for me. I have developed a lot since I arrived in New Orleans. My relation with him is great since the first day we met. Italian playoffs? I think Siena is going to win again, but I would like to see my friend Mancio (Stefano Mancinelli from Olimpia Milano, ndr) to win another Italian championship" said Belinelli. 

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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