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NBA 23/04/2012, 20.04 Comments 0

Mark Cuban Wants Owners Paid For Olympics

Il proprietario dei Mavs d'accordo con le uscite di Wade e Ray Allen



Mark Cuban railing against the U.S. Olympic Committee profiting off the NBA stars he and other owners pay millions is nothing new.

The Dallas Mavericks owner took his chronic rant to Chicago over the weekend where his defending champions were playing the championship-contending Bulls. Before the game, Cuban was asked if he believes Team USA is in shambles on the heels of key injuries and two NBA stars recently suggesting players should be paid just months before the start of the 2012 Games in London.

"I hope so," Cuban said. "And you can quote me on that.

"I think it's the biggest mistake the NBA makes," Cuban said of allowing NBA stars to compete in international competition. "If you look up stupid in the dictionary you see a picture of the USA Dream Team playing for free for corporate America so the U.S. Olympic Committee can make billions of dollars. So if you come up with something that you own that you can give to me for free so I can make billions of dollars, I want it.

"And it has nothing to do with patriotism and it's all about money. You don't see the (International) Olympic Committee in Switzerland saying, 'Oh, we made so much money, let's give it to people.' How many jets do they have?"

"The commissioner's office won't open it up to discussion. They just make a unilateral call," Cuban said then. "They'll take calls about it, but won't put it up for a vote. Hopefully, I can get him to move it to a vote at some point."

Cuban said he would prefer to see the U.S. Olympic basketball roster filled out the way it used to be, with youngsters.

"I think just 22-and-under and I'm fine with that." Cuban said. "Develop it, get international experience, represent your country, that's all good."


E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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