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NBA 18/04/2012, 10.17 Comments 0 Rumors

Danilo Gallinari: 'I will play for the Italian NT next summer'

Il Gallo conferma la sua presenza in azzurro in estate


Interviewed by Be Bop a Basket, Danilo Gallinari confirmed that he will be wearing Italian National Team jersey next summer. The National Team will play the Eurobasket Qualification Round.
"We have started a new project last summer. We didn't have good results but when you begin something new it is very hard to win immediately. This summer we have to reach the qualification to Eurobasket 2013. And we have to play a good basketball. I am in. Injuries? I had a lot during the season, but now I am ok" said Il Gallo.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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