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NBA 22/03/2012, 21.09 Comments 0 Rumors

UPDATE: Allen Iverson inks a one-month deal in Dominican Republic?

Il giocatore guadagnerà circa 22.000 dollari


Allen Iverson signed a one-month deal to play in Dominican Republic with Pueblo Nuevo to play the XXXII Torneo de Baloncesto superior de Santiago.
Nunez, president of the club, confirmed the deal with Iverson. Iverson will fly from Atlanta to his new destination.
Iverson is expected to earn $22.000USD to play in Dominican Republic.
Another NBA player, Stephen Jackson, has played in the same team in 2000 leading the club to the final victory.

UPDATE: Allen Iverson's agent, Greg Moore, denied the report about Iverson signing in Dominican Republic. 'I don't know anything abou that' said Moore. The deal was announced, officially, by the owner of the Dominican Republic club. 

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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