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NBA 23/02/2012, 15.16 Comments 0 Rumors

Petteri Koponen: 'Virtus Bologna helped me to become a real player'

Il finlandese parla in una lunga intervista a Il Corriere di Bologna


Petteri Koponen, in a long interview released at Il Corriere di Bologna, talked about his experience with Virtus Bologna and his future, with Dallas Mavericks who owns his NBA rights.
"I arrived in Bologna when I was 19 and they helped me to become a real player. Before I was just a young Finnish guy. I grew up with Virtus as a person and as a player. I accepted the proposal and the challenge that Virtus was offering to me. I don't have any regret. I don't want to talk dirty about people here in Bologna who didn't trust me. Everyone knows that Boniciolli and Pasquali didn't like me a lot. But that year was very important for me. I thought: 'now I will show to the people that I am a real player'. What will I do if Virtus Bologna is going to offer me a new contract? It is too early to talk about my future. At the end of the season my contract will expire and I want to see if any Euroleague team will make me a proposal. I want to talk with Dallas Mavericks as well because they own my NBA rights. If Virtus Bologna reaches Euroleague, it would be a huge opportunity for me to sit with the management and discuss a new deal. Siena and Milano? I was close to joining them in more than one occasion, but it didn't happen. I am happy to be here, I love Bologna but now I am ready for the next challenge. I am 24 and I want to play at the highest levels. For sure I don't want to sign for a great team risking to be a bench player for the entire season and I don't want to score 30 points at night for a weak team" said Koponen.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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