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NBA 14/02/2012, 14.18 Comments 0 Rumors

Indios de Mayaguez to make a formal offer to Allen Iverson?

La squadra ha però bisogno di un centro

Indios de Mayaguez might make an offer to Allen Iverson within Wednesday, as confirmed by the manager of the team, Luis Vargas. The problem of the Puerto Ricam team is that they need more urgently a center if Bimbo won't be ready for the season set to start in March. 'Before making an offer to Allen Iverson, we have to understand if Bimbo will be available for the season and Hamilton will be with us since the beginning of the season. Of course, we need a player who can score and take the ball and Iverson would be the best solution for us. Former NBA will give more importance to our team and our league, but we have to understand if Bimbo is ready or not to play. For us, having a center is more important right now' said Vargas to Primera Hora who reports that Iverson has offers from Venezuela, Iran and the Philippines.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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