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NBA 11/02/2012, 10.18 Comments 0 Injury

Danilo Gallinari on Twitcam: 'I will be back in one month'

Il Gallo ha anche detto di voler finire la carriera a Milano


Danilo Gallinari talked with his fans on Twitcam yesterday and spoke about his physical conditions, the moment Denver Nuggets are living and his future.
Here is what Il Gallo, who is sidelined by an ankle injury, said on videochat, reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport:

"The ankle is getting better in the last three days. I had therapy and now I feel way better. I will be back in one month. Now I am working in the gym without following the team. But soon I will go with my teammates again. All-Star Game? This season there was really the chance for me to be selected, but unfortunately I was not called. Nuggets? We are in a difficult period because there are a lot of guys injured. It is not easy in a season like the one we are playing, with a lot of games in a shorter period of time. Against Pacers we have the possibilty to be back to a win. Our goal is to reach playoffs and pass the first round. Coach Karl? We have a very strong relationship. I really hope to work with him for a lot of years. Lawson? He is a funny guy. I like to spend time with him even outside the court. The city of Denver? It is great. There are a lot things to do, you can be annoyed here. And the fans are special, they always support us. Kobe or Lebron? I like more Kobe style, but LeBron too is a super player. For the MVP I give my vote to Kevin Durant: he is the best and I am saying that since time. Blake Griffin? I hope he will never posterize me. Nash? He is unbelievable. He is playing amazingly and he is 38. He will be an Hall of Famer. Who is going to win the NBA season? It is a very complicated season. It may happen that an underdog team will win the ring. About my future, I really don't know. I hope to play few more seasons with Olimpia Milano (where he has played during the NBA lockout) when I will be older. Olimpia is my team and I follow the guys even from America. I hope they will win Italy Cup. Italian National Team? At Eurobasket we didn't play a good basket, but I am sure we will grow in the future. Next summer I will decide whether to play or not the qualifications for Eurobasket 2013. Other sports I follow? I am an AC Milan fan and I don't like FC Internazionale. For AC Milan is not a good moment but we will be back. I like rugby too. I hope Italy will win against England in Six Nations" ended Gallinari.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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