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NBA 08/02/2012, 18.59 Comments 0 Rumors

Mets de Guaynabo said NO to Allen Iverson

La squadra è stata tentata ma ha detto NO ad AI


Mets de Guaynabo confirmed that they received a call from Greg Moore who offered to the team Allen Iverson. The Puerto Rican team said NO to the former NBA Star.
Allen Iverson was ready to accept the maximum salary allowed in Puerto Rico ($5.000 per week) asking just a chauffeur.
"He asked just a chauffeur. We were tempted to sign him. We are talking about a super NBA star. But our roster is full, even for a talented player as Iverson. We turned down the proposal saying thanks to Moore" said Loubriel of Mets de Guaynabo. "Iverson would be a great addition for our league but we should check also his conditions".

If Mets closed the door to Iverson, Indios de Mayaguez are ready to talk with Iverson's agent.
"Iverson would be very important for our league. I would love to talk to his agent" said the owner of Mayaguez, Jose Ito Vargas to El Nuevo Dia. 

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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