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NBA 16/12/2011, 15.14 Comments 0 Rumors

Bismack Biyombo taken hostage by Fuenlabrada

La squadra spagnola chiede 4 milioni di dollari per liberare il giocatore


The future of Bismack Biyombo is up in the air. The young player, picked by Charlotte Bobcats in the last NBA draft is taken hostage by Fuenlabrada who is asking €4M as buyout to let him leave for the States.
Fuenlabrada valued the player €4M: 1.2M as buyout, plus the federal rights until December 2014, plus a fine for having missed 4 games and 64 practices last season before ACB playoffs when Biyombo left to have some workouts in the States.

The Spanish team is ready to negotiate a buyout to help Biyombo to leave but the NBA team are allowed to pay maximum $500.000 as buyout and the difference, in this case, should be paid by the young player.
FIBA denied yesterday to give to Biyombo the transfer while the Spanish court dismissed his request to break unilaterally his contract. The trial, scheduled for next Monday, won't be held.
It is very unlikely that Bismack Biyombo will play in the NBA in the season 2011-12.


M. Manna

M. Manna

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