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NBA 22/11/2011, 13.05 Comments 0 Rumors

Golden Bulls were close to waive JR Smith

La squadra cinese voleva tagliarlo


An insider from the Golden Bulls reveals that the team was planning to waive Smith, who has been too demanding. According to Zhao Bing, the club had provided Smith with a presidential suite at a cost of 6,880 yuan per day, arranged a special chef and spent 700,000 yuan in insurance as he requested. However, he wanted another villa in Shanghai or Hangzhou with a chauffeured car to commute for training in Yiwu.
Ding Wei, the team's head coach, also disclosed that Smith has missed training three times with illness excuses. And the team discovered that once he was actually shopping in Shanghai.
According to a Sina report, Smith underwent an MRI on his knee Tuesday morning in Beijing and will later fly back to Yiwu city in Zhejiang to meet the team to prepare for a home opener tonight. Smith communicated with the team Monday night and reiterated his willingness to stay, says the report, but it will be based on his condition and he will negotiate with the team after his return.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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