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NBA 26/10/2011, 16.41 Comments 0 Rumors

Penarol and Obras dream to have Nocioni and Scola during lockout

Penarol ed Obras sognano di poter avere i due giocatori NBA


As reported by Ole, Penarol and Obras would love to have Chapu Nocioni and Luis Scola during the NBA lockout.

The problem, for both players, is the cost for the insurance to cover their NBA contract, too high for the Argentinean club.

"Penarol could give to Nocioni 25.000-30.000USD but the insurance would cost them $55.000 for one month" said Nocioni's agent Claudio Villanueva, and is not easy for Penarol to spend that amount of money for just one player.

Luis Scola, who is recovering from a knee injury, is the dream of Obras.
"Obras president contacted me because he wanted Scola for Liga Sudamerica" said Villanueva. "Luis is recovering from an injury and the biggest hurdle is still the insurance. European clubs are looking for free agents, so they don't risk to lose the players when lockout ends" added Villanueva.

Ole wrote also about Fabricio Oberto who was cleared to play by doctors after heart problems. "He has no intentions to play in Argentina. He is thinking to both Europe and NBA. In America he could be the the fourth or fifth big man in the roster as Sean Marks was in San Antonio" said his agente Carlos Prunes.

Last player is Carlos Delfino. The Argentinean with Italian passport had an offer from Montepaschi Siena few weeks ago.
"He won't play in Argentina. He will play in Europe if the NBA won't start" ended his agent Angel Cerisola.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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