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NBA 21/10/2011, 16.16 Comments 0 Rumors

Noel Biderman: 'I am sorry Virtus Roma rejected our offer'

Il presidente di AshleyMadison ha rilasciato alcune dichiarazioni sul NO di Toti alla sua offerta


Noel Biderman, founder of, sent to us an email after Claudio Toti decided to turn down his 4-year offer worth €1.5M per season.

"I am sorry Virtus Roma rejected our offer and the chance to get Andrea Bargnani in the team. Claudio Toti turned down a four-year proposal worth €1.5 per season but we wish the best for the team in the season" said Biderman. "Regarding our sponsorship, a lot of people talked about ethic problems but I want to underline one more time that we don't do anything wrong. We offer a social platform where people can communicate as Facebook and other sites do. Now I hope that Toti won't tie Virtus to brands which promote alchool, cigarettes or gambling. I hope Roma will win a lot this season. Fans will be frustrated if not. And frustration increases extra-marital affairs" wrote Noel Biderman.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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