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NBA 20/10/2011, 12.03 Comments 0 Rumors

Andrea Bargnani not involved in all the rumors about his future

Il Mago su Twitter precisa


After the rumors about, the website ready to spend €1.5M to sponsor Virtus Roma and help the club to bring him back to Italy, denied via Twitter all the news about his future.

"Voglio solo far sapere a tutti I miei tifosi e a chiunque abbia letto I quotidiani durante questi giorni che sono completamente estraneo a qualsiasi cosa sia stata scritta o attribuita su di me o a me da un mese a questa parte"

"I want all my fans and all the pepole who read the newspapers lately that I am not involved in any news written or attributed to me since one month".

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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