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NBA 20/10/2011, 09.31 Comments 0 Rumors

Vatican and Opus Dei hostile to AshleyMadison as Virtus Roma sponsor

Iniziano i primi commenti negativi da parte degli esponenti del Vaticano


The Vatican and Opus Dei, after the news that is willing to sponsor basketball team Virtus Roma for the season, helping the club to bring back to Italy Andrea Bargnani with an operation worth €1.5M, expressed their annoyance about the entire project. is the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters and Vatican doesn't like to have a team from the Eternal City to be sponsored by a site who promotes infidelity.
Monsignor Flavio Cappucci from Opus Dei, rejected the idea.

"It is a crazy thing. A betrayal of the value and identity of sport. I really hope that the management of Virtus will deeply think about that. The core values of sports are tied to family. And bring their own children to a team who promotes a website like means to betray the identity of sport. The world of sports has to resist to seductions of money. They don't have to mix with that idea" said Cappucci.

Also former player and first coach at Stella Azzurra of Andrea Bargnani (they have been working together for seven years), Roberto Castellano, is hostile to the idea of having AshleyMadison as key sponsor to bring Il Mago to Italy during the NBA lockout.

"Accepting a sponsor like this" said Castellano who is close to Opus Dei "is a cooperation with evil. I am convinced that Claudio Toti, owner of Virtus, won't accept the proposal. And I am sure that also Gianni Petrucci (President of Coni) will say something about" ended Castellano.

We have exclusively the TV commercial of AshleyMadison for Italy.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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