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NBA 07/10/2011, 11.49 Comments 0 Rumors

Virtus Roma owner Claudio Toti: 'We are in talks with Andrea Bargnani'

Il presidente della Virtus Roma ammette i contatti


Claudio Toti, owner of Virtus Roma, confirmed, in an interview released at Il Messaggero, the talks with Andrea Bargnani.

"We have been talking with Andrea Bargnani. In my opinion, if he decides to play in Italy, he will sign just with us (Bargnani was born and grew up in Roma). Even if we had agreed on the salary, the biggest hurdle is the insurance to cover his contract with Toronto Raptors. It is three weeks I am waiting to know the exact amount of money needed for the insurance. Of course, if Bargnani arrives, I need help from sponsors and I want him not to sell jerseys or more tickets, I want to him for winning games" said Claudio Toti who also spoke about the negotiations betweeen Virtus Bologna and Kobe Bryant. "I think that $2M for one game is too much".

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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