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NBA 07/10/2011, 10.18 Comments 0 Rumors

Sabatini:'3 international networks are ready to broadcast Kobe's game'

Claudio Sabatini ha rilasciato un'intervista alla Gazzetta proponendo anche Milano tra le squadre in cui potrebbe giocare Kobe se Pelinka gli chiedesse di firmarlo per un anno


Claudio Sabatini, in an interview released at La Gazzetta dello Sport, talked again on Kobe Bryant and about the idea of an exhibition game with Lakers' star.

"One exhibiiton game with Kobe Bryant in Italy would involve millions of supporters. Unfortunately Legabasket did not receive the request of Italian clubs to sell the tv rights abroad. With Lefebre, vice-president of Benetton Treviso, we came up with the idea of an exhibition game which free us from the contract we signed with Rai and La7. In few hours, three international network told us to be ready to broadcast the game. We will have another conference call with Rob Pelinka in the night. Kobe has two offers, for 40 days and for one game. We did our best. Now it is up to Kobe to decide. If Pelinka will ask me to sign Kobe for the entire year, I would have a problem. I could sign him for 2-3 months and then, maybe, Olimpia Milano might sign Bryant from January. It is just an idea and I am not going to call Livio Proli to tell him about that. It would be a terrific promotion for Italian basketball. I am sure that if Kobe lands in Bologna, he will have problems to leave Italy then".

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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