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NBA 07/10/2011, 01.22 Comments 0 Rumors

For Kobe Bryant just an exhibition game with Virtus Bologna?

Giocando un'amichevole si eviterebbero tutte le lungaggini burocratiche


The last idea of Claudio Sabatini is to have Kobe Bryant for a single, exhibition game, as reported by
The game would be played next Wednesday against Benetton Treviso who already accepted the proposal. Playing a friendly, Sabatini won't have problems to get the letter of clearance, to deposit Kobe's contract to Legabasket on time for the game. If Kobe agrees, Sabatini has just few days to sell the tickets, organize the event and the merchandising related to Kobe. It is not clear if the offer for the player, in case of single game, is still $2M.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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