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NBA 30/09/2011, 12.25 Comments 0 Rumors

Virtus Bologna-Kobe Bryant, the deal will be official today?

Claudio Sabatini ammette che già oggi potrebbe arrivare l'ufficialità


In another interview, Claudio Sabatini confirmed that the agreement between Virtus Bologna and Kobe Bryant is for 10 games. The owner of Virtus Bologna added that the deal could be official today.

"The agreement is for ten games. We don't have money also for the 11th one. I hope that today in the NBA they won't find the agreement to start the season" said Claudio Sabatini. We also wish that in the morning in Los Angeles they will send us the contract's draft. I want to thank Kobe Bryant's agent. The negotiation with him was great and very professional" added Sabatini who hopes to have Bryant for the 1st round of Serie A against Virtus Roma on October 9th. "We are already planning the event. It is not easy because today he will be in the States and he has to go to our embassy to get the visa, he needs the letter of clearance from the NBA which allows him to sign with us and then be back to Italy to have medical tests. We have to send his contract to Legabasket by next Friday" ended Sabatini.

Sabatini answered to the statements wrote on Facebook by former USC and Italian International player Daniel Hackett about the arrival of Kobe in Italy: "Luckily not all the players have his mind".

Virtus Bologna also informed that the sell of the season ticket ended this morning.

UPDATE: Bloomberg News confirmed that the player verbally agreed with Virtus Bologna to $3M/10 games. The contract, according to sources, will be signed on October 5th.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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