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NBA 27/09/2011, 09.20 Comments 0 Rumors

Kobe Bryant asked for $15M to Virtus Bologna

La stella dei Lakers chiede il doppio a Claudio Sabatini


Kobe Bryant turned down the first proposal made by Virtus Bologna for him ($6.7M) and asked to the Italian team for $15M per year before taxes, as reported by
After taxes, the salary would be around $7.5M per year. The counterproposal made by Kobe and his agent shocked Claudio Sabatini who said that, with that amount of money, can offer to Kobe Bryant just a two-month deal.

Kobe Bryant will be in Italy for the next two days and there will likely be occasion to meet Claudio Sabatini who would like to know the real feasibility of the project.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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