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NBA 23/09/2011, 13.59 Comments 0 Rumors

Claudio Sabatini: 'Kobe wants a one-year deal with NBA out'

Il proprietario della Virtus parla della conference call con Pelinka


Claudio Sabatini, owner of Virtus Bologna, spoke at SkySport24 about the conference call he had last night with Rob Pelinka, Kobe Bryant's agent, saying that Lakers star is not interested in a short-term deal but just an annual contract with NBA out. Sabatini also added that he is waiting for an answer by Manu Ginobili's agent Luciano Capicchioni.

"We had a conference call last night. The most important news is that we found an important Italian company which is ready to help us in the operation Kobe Bryant. I am usually optimistic but the road to reach Kobe is still very long" said Sabatini. "The player asked for a one-year deal with NBA out. Economically it is a very big negotiation and it will be possible just with a group of sponsors which will help us. As Virtus we cannot afford the cost of the operation. Our fans are super enthusiastic and we got around 1.000 emails. The municipality and the city are not helping us too much. It is also very difficult to find the right insurance to cover Kobe's contract ($83M left with Lakers)" added Sabatini. "About Ginobili we are waiting for an answer by Luciano Capicchioni, player's agent" finished Sabatini as reported via

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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