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NBA 02/09/2011, 15.10 Comments 0 Rumors

Rasho Nesterovic: 'It is time for me to retire'

Il centro sloveno decide di ritirarsi

Rasho Nesterovic after 17 years of career as pro and 12 years in the NBA announced his retirement from played basketball. "I really think that my career is over. After 17 years as pro and a lot of injuries I decided to retire. It is my own decision, if I cannot be at 100% it is better for me to do something else" said Nesterovic who spent last season in Greece with Olympiacos. "I don't think I will be a coach, it is better to work with children. They really listen you and are full of enthusiasm" added The Slovenian big man. Nesterovic has played 811 games in the NBA averaging 6.8 points, 5.2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1.2 blocks per game.
E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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