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NBA 24/08/2011, 19.00 Comments 0 Rumors

Danilo Gallinari denies rumors on Olimpia Milano

Il Gallo nega di aver parlato con la dirigenza dell'Olimpia


After the rumors about his return to Olimpia Milano during the NBA lockout, Danilo Gallinari, via SkySport, denied any news saying that now he is focused just on the Italian National Team.

"I will be back to Milano? I don't read newspaper but I was told about this article. I did not sign any contract and I did not think yet about next season. Of course, there are billions of reasons to go back to Milano in case I decide to play somewhere during the lockout. But now I am just focused on the National Team trying to be ready for Eurobasket. Maybe I can stay in Milano and practice with the team, but there is a big difference between practicing and signing a contract. Playing some games with them? I did not think about that, I just thought that was a good thing being in shape and practicebut not in Europe, that was my first idea. Contacts with Olimpia? I am not having any talk with them. I want to think just to the National Team without any distraction. I will think about my future after Eurobasket in Lithuania" said Gallinari to SkySport.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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