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NBA 05/07/2011, 21.27 Comments 0 Rumors

Gallinari and the lockout: 'I can't rule out a short stint in Europe'

Il Gallo ancora indeciso se tornare in Europa se il lockout dovesse durare più di metà stagione


In an interview released to an Italian newspaper, Danilo Gallinari did not rule out the possibility to return to play in Europe for few months waiting for the end of the NBA lockout, adding that, so far, he did not think seriously about his future.
"I did not think about my future yet. It is very hard to understand what is going to happen in 3-4 months from now. For sure, the season will start later than normal and I have to keep myself in shape. But I really don't want to practice without playing for four months. I am supporting the NBPA: it is right to discuss and re-negotiate the contract but I am not so convinced by the words of David Stern about the losses NBA had in the last years" said Gallinari who ruled out a return to Olimpia Milano after the statements made by the new head coach of the team Sergio Scariolo (the coach said that he doesn't want any player in the roster knowing that he can leave during the season when the lockout ends).
"I did not have any contact with any team so far and I really don't know if I can play in Europe even if I am under contract with an NBA franchise. For sure, I support coach Scariolo: in Milano I would have a lot of minutes and be an important player in the roster. It is disrespectful playing there few months and then being back to Denver" said Il Gallo.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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