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NBA 04/07/2011, 08.39 Comments 0 Rumors

Virtus Bologna wants to keep Petteri Koponen

Il patron Virtus su Sanikidze, Gigli, Koponen e Rivers


Claudio Sabatini, owner of Virtus Bologna, said that the club wants to keep Petteri Koponen for his last year of contract.

"Everyday I read that Petteri won't play with us next season because he doesn't want to start as a guard. I want him with us next year and I don't mind if I will lose him without buyout at the end of the season. I would be disappointed if someone will come to us offering the buyout we are asking for him. I consider him as my fourth son" said Sabatini on Koponen.

The owner of VuNere also said that Angelo Gigli is the main target in the frontline but the player has to reduce is salary that is out of budget for Virtus Bologna. KC Rivers was offered an important contract but he refused the proposal so he will leave the team whle Viktor Sanikidze is deciding whether to accept or not the three-year extension offered by Virtus.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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