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NBA 02/07/2011, 10.52 Comments 0 Rumors

NBA Lockout, Chalon made a try for Thabo Sefolosha

Il costo dell'assicurazione costa più del monte ingaggi della squadra


With the NBA lockout which started on 1st of July, Chalon asked info on Thabo Sefolosha but had to give up for the cost of the insurance, higher than the entire budget of the team, as reported by Catch-and-Shoot.

"We thought about bringing Thabo to Eurppe, but he informed us that the cost of the insurance is too high, actually higher than our budget for the season. I don't think that Europe is a priority for NBA top players" said the GM of the French team Remy Delpon.

"I don't think that in Europe will land a lot of NBAers, considering that the lockout could end in December. For example, I don't see Tony Parker come in France to ASVEL for few months" added the coach of the club, Greg Beugnot.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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