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NBA 17/06/2011, 12.31 Comments 0 Rumors

Ricky Rubio: 'I am going to the NBA'

Il giocatore annuncia il suo addio al Barcelona


Ricky Rubio just announced in a press conference his decision to leave Barcelona and join Minnesota Timberwolves in NBA.
"I decided to go to the NBA. I have taken this decision along with my family and the team. The dream to play in NBA comes true. After two years in Barcelona, I did not think it would have been so difficult to leave. I have also won ACB, a trophy that I never won before this season. I have to say thanks to Joan Creus who helped me since my first day in Barcelona. I also thank coach Pascual who believed in me also in the bad moments. I had a lot of doubts. When I came, I thought I would have been here for two seasons, but now, it is very difficult because I had a lot of fun. Minnesota trusted me since the first moment. For two years I could not join them for the X reason, now I can go. In NBA it would be different because Wolves are not contenders for the title. Now I have to talk with the franchise to understand which is my role there. This season was not the best of my career but I am confident. In NBA the way of playing basketball is closer to my skills. It is an important step in my career but I am still a Basketball player. My goal is to make points and help my team to win games. A lot of players went to the NBA from Europe, now it is my time to understand if I can be a good player also in America. Even if the current one was not the best season of my career, I think that now it is the right time to go the NBA. I said to Sergio Scariolo I am ready to play for the National Team at Eurobasket. I want the revenge after FIBA World Championship. I have to improve a lot as a player now. I have to gain weight because the game in NBA is harder. Next week I will be in Minnesota for the official presentation. If one day I'll be back to Europe, Barcelona is my first option. But now it is useless to talk about my return in Europe. I also want to thank Joventut who gave me the opportunity to debut and to grow as a player".
I T-Wolves hanno pagato al Barcelona 500.000 dollari per liberare il giocatore mentre altri 500.000 sono stati sborsati direttamente da Rubio.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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