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NBA 19/01/2011, 10.34 Comments 0

Pesic punishes JR Giddens, too many food pics on Twitter

Fatale al giocatore un toast con prosciutto, uova, pomodoro e lattuga mangiato a colazione


Svetislav Pesic was tired of the continuous pics posted on Twitter by JR Giddens about the food he was going to eat every time (check the pics about the not healthy food) and decided to not register the forward for Euroleague Top 16.
For Giddens, who started the season in Poland with Asecco Prokom before being waived when the Polish champs failed to reach Euroleague Top 16, was fatal a sandwich with egg, tomatoes, lettuce and ham eaten for breakfast. The player was not adviced on time and Pesic got really upset that asked to the management to keep the forward out of the second part of the most important European competition.
Giddens was also kicked out of practice.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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