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NBA 07/08/2013, 15.25 Comments 0

Pekovic about NT: 'I did not want to play without insurance'

Pekovic explained why he did not join the National Team


Nikola Pekovic explained on why he could not join the Montenegrin National Team this summer. Pekovic is still without contract in the NBA and playing with National Team without insurance would be too risky.

"I take this opportunity to explain the situation about my commitment with National Team. My desire to play with the team was not under question. However, I have not signed the contract in NBA and this prevents me to join the National Team. It is not possible for me to play without insurance. No players in the world would do that. In my case, I should sign a 4 or 5 year deal in NBA, playing would be a risk I cannot take.

Negotiations with the NBA team have been ongoing since five weeks and they are still not finalized. My agent, Jeff Schwartz, to whom I have full confidence, assured me that it is normal for these kind of contracts. He also ruled out any chance of training before signing the contract.

Honestly, I expected to sign the contract before joining the National Team. Unfortunately I did not and I canont start practice. I did not want to join the NT and practice individually.

I completely understand the decision of the Federation who decided not to wait for me.

I wish my teammates a lot of success" said Pekovic

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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