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NBA 27/07/2013, 01.42 Comments 0

Brad Stevens gives his opinion on some of his future players

The former Butler coach talks about it during a radio broadcast on


Brad Stevens, host of a radio podcast, talks about some of the players currently on the Celitics' roster.
- on Kelly Olynyk: 'I thought that Olynyk played as well as anybody that I saw throughout all of the summer leagues, and he’s a very versatile player who knows how to think the game and knows how to communicate the game, and I think he’ll be a quick study. And I think it will be important that he is. I think that we could really use the things that he brings to the table sooner rather than later'
- on Phil Pressey: 'Pressey is a guy who can affect a game. If a game is not really going your way, he can spark you. He can get inside the defense, he can make plays defensively. He can his hands on balls. He is a cerebral point guard. I like his game. I think he does a lot of good things'
on Avery Bradley: 'Obviously, he’s a dynamic athlete. He’s a really hard worker. He’s been in Boston the better part of the time that I have been as well, so I’ve gotten a chance to spend some time with him. I like his demeanor, I like his work ethic. He’s a good young player with a high upside'
- on the word tanking: 'I never spend a minute thinking about it. It’s never been part of my vocabulary. It’s never been a part of the players in this locker room’s vocabulary or anybody in this building. I think it’s one of those things that we are going to try to be the very best we can be every single day. It’s part of the process. It’s part of the way that I believe in doing things. You strive to play to your standard every single day'

D. Skerletic

D. Skerletic

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