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NBA 11/07/2013, 13.29 Comments 0 Rumors

Zeljko Obradovic: 'Bojan Bogdanovic told me that he'll stay'

The Serbian coach talked about Bogdanovic


Zeljko Obradovic, new head coach of Fenerbahce, spoke at about Bojan Bogdanovic. The Croatian seemed close to join the Nets but the NBA team and Fenerbahce did not reach an agreement on buyout.

"I told him, don't go to the NBA just to go. Go to the NBA if you know that you can play. Bogdanovic is a young player who can still grow a lot. NBA won't escape, he can go there in one year or two. He told me that he will stay with Fenerbahce" said the coach who spoke about the rules of 7 local players in the rosters in Turkey. "In TBL there is a rule that each team must have seven local playerr in the roster. This is a serious limiting factor. Some of these players who have, virtually, a guaranteed spot in the roster don't practice hard and they don't have incentive to improve. I am a coach that won't tolerate such behavior" added Obradovic.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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