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NBA 08/04/2013, 16.18 Comments 0 Injury

Danilo Gallinari closes the door to Eurobasket 2013: It is impossible

Il Gallo ruled out the chance for him to stay in Slovenia


Danilo Gallinari, in a radio interview with Radio24, ruled out the chance for him to play at Eurobasket in Slovenia next September.
Il Gallo tore his ACL last week and will undergo surgery in the next two weeks. Over the weekend some rumors circulated in Italy about the possibility for the Nuggets wing to be in Slovenia for with the Italian National Team.

Gallinari will likely be in Slovenia, but to cheer and support his teammates.

"It is impossible for me to play at Eurobasket in September. In the summer I will work on my knee and I hope to be ready for beginning of the new season" said Gallinari, as reported by "But I will be close to coach Pianigiani and my teammates. I have been talking with all of them after the injury and If I can, I would love to be in Slovenia to cheer for the team" added Gallinari who confirmed that he has not made a decision yet on where he will have surgery.  

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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