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NBA 05/04/2013, 14.19 Comments 0

Milano President Livio Proli on Gallo's injury: 'Stay strong Danilo!'

Proli spoke after the knee injury suffered by Il Gallo


Pallacanestro Olimpia EA7 – Emporio Armani Milano’s President, Livio Proli made this statement about Danilo Gallinari’s injury last night during the NBA game between the Denver Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks: “On behalf of Olimpia and as a personal friend, I’m deeply saddened by what happened to Danilo in the happiest period of his NBA career and during a great time for his team. Knowing him, I also know he’s going to be back soon and better than ever. Spiritually – and if it’ll be his wish physically too – all the people in Olimpia will be close to him during the rehab. Be strong Danilo!”

All the Olimpia Milano’s family want to wish Danilo the best of luck for a speedy recover.

E. Carchia

E. Carchia

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